What Your Brand's Color Says About You


I recently took on the difficult task of rebranding my personal brand. One of the more important decisions I had to make was what color(s) to use.

Color has such an emotional pull that companies know how to use it in order to effect what their customers think and ultimately do.

People see color before they see anything else. A recent study found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone.

That should stand out if you own a business. Your customers will immediately form an opinion on your brand, right or wrong, depending on the color you choose.

Take Coke and Target for example. Both prominently use red as their base color in their branding. The color red tends to invoke a sense of youthfulness, boldness, and excitement. On the flip side, Apple has done a great job over the years of using white to brand themselves as clean and minimalistic.

When it came to working on my own rebranding, color was definitely something I had to consider. In the past I had used a darker color palette of grays and blues and wanted to create something that felt more personal and creative. 

Check out the awesome infographic below, which shows some stunning facts on the power of color and how certain colors tend to affect our emotions.

Matt Simon