We All Make Mistakles

We all make mistakes. It’s just a part of life. But in a world where we tend to only seem to see the best people have to offer, we can get bogged down with how perfect everyone’s life seems to be, and feel like we’re the only ones who come up short. Like we’re the only ones making mistakes. But trust me, it’s not a matter of if mistakes will happen, it’s a matter of when.

Just the other day I spent a couple hours working on a type piece, ironically about failure. I had spent an entire evening going back and forth with different fonts and layouts until I finally settled on one that felt right. I had brought it into Photoshop, added a few details and was ready to show the world. The next morning I uploaded the image to Instagram and waited to see the response to the piece. The only issue was when I went to check my post later in the morning I realized something…I misspelled a word. Suddenly, all my hours of work seemed to be completely wasted.

Once the feeling of getting punched in the stomach subsided, I began to think of how I was going to get out of this situation. I could simply take the post down, but people had already begun to leave likes and comments. I could fix the image later and just replace it, hoping no one would notice. Or, I could own my mistake in public and move on. I thought back to a post by Sean McCabe earlier this month where he was in a similar situation.

I can’t imagine how much more of a gut punch he felt. At the time I'm writing this he has roughly 1000 times more followers on Instagram than I do, that’s three zeros! But when I saw his post all I could think was how awesome it was that he owned his mistake and was willing to share it. He didn’t try to cover it up or make an excuse.

He made a mistake, just like I made a mistake. We’re humans and it’s bound to happen, usually more often than we would like to admit. But it’s in those moments when we’re able to be vulnerable with people that we begin to build lasting impressions. When all we tend to get today are perfect snapshots of people’s lives it’s refreshing to come across someone willing to show their flaws and be authentic.

Matt Simon