Why You Need To Just Start

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One of the hardest things when beginning something new, is the actual starting part. All the ideas and motivation you had seemed to disappear as soon as you start. The voices in your head begin to creep in and give you a million reasons not to do something.

Have you ever thought about starting something only to hear one of these phrases enter you head?

"I would do ____ if I only had enough time."

"My idea isn't polished enough yet."

"I’m not really inspired right now."

The thing that is going to hold you back the most when starting is you.

You’re the one that will motivate yourself to start but you’re also the one who will convince yourself that you shouldn’t because you don't have time, it's not perfect yet or a thousand other excuses.

The pursuit of perfection has always been one of the biggest obstacles for me. Even with the recent launch of my website. I probably held back longer than I should have to make it public in fear that it wasn't ready yet.

We let the quest for perfection silence us and allow our fears to paralyze us into staying comfortable where we are instead of starting something awesome.

I encourage you to just start something. You'll be amazed how far you can go if you just get the ball rolling. Recently, I started this blog. Is it the best blog out there? Not even close.

But I can already see how starting in this one area has led to motivation into other parts of my life.

So start that thing you've been putting off. You'll only regret not doing it sooner.

Are you starting anything? What things are working for you?

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