Grace Students Case Study

I was approached by Grace to create a new logo for their student ministries. The goal was to create a simple and modern logo that would connect with a younger audience. They also wanted a logo that was typography driven but still had a creative element that could be used as a part of the logo or a stand-alone graphic.


Grace Church is a non-denominational church who’s main demographic is young families. They are dedicated to making authentic relationships and building spiritual growth. Each week they host a Sunday night student service that allows teens (both middle school and high school) to connect with each other and learn more about their faith.gracestudent-sketch


Research and Sketching

Typically my sketching process is very minimalistic and rarely refined. It is just a way for me to fire off ideas as quickly as possible without hesitation or second guessing. Based on information gathered in the design brief along with some examples Grace had sent me I began began to sketch out the initial concepts. Once I have a few concepts I believe are worth exploring further I then take them to the computer for digital execution. Above you can see various concepts that were developed along the way.

Final Concept

Above you can see the finished logo and style sheet. It utilizes a clean modern san serif typeface that is strong and powerful on its own. The increased space between each letter enables it to be legible even at small sizes. Students uses a lighter variation of the main font that allows the design to be cohesive. The circular icon was developed to be used as an accompaniment to the word mark, using the same font and weight for the corresponding letters. The result is very simplistic, but provides an extra level of recognition that the type alone might not carry.

Case StudyMatt Simon