Grace Kids Case Study

Grace Church is a non-denominational church who’s main demographic is young families. Their desire is to create a place for kids that fosters the idea that church is a community where a kid can learn about God and life while having a blast doing it.


Grace was looking to refresh the current brand of their kids ministry. They wanted an identity that would be vibrant and fun.


My original idea was to create a logo that would bring a sense of energy and movement. To achieve this I began with a script style logo (see above), but realized that the style was not working well for the goals of the project. It became clear that the logo might be hard to read, especially for younger kids. Taking this information I went back to the drawing board.

With a regained focus, I began to look at a previous logo I had done for Grace’s Student Ministry for inspiration. What I was able to come up with was a logo that complimented the the already establish student brand but had a much more energetic and youthful feel. More importantly, the final logo met all the goals we had set for the project.

Matt Simon