5 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Logo

Whether a company is small or large, a logo redesign is a huge undertaking. Those who do it successfully are often praised for their forward thinking and ability to adapt while those who are unsuccessful usually end up as the butt of a joke (see AirBnB).

To ensure your logo redesign is a success, keep in mind the following considerations.

1. Have a reason

There needs to be a method to the madness. The number one thing you need to do when you’re considering a logo redesign is to know why you’re doing it in the first place. What is the purpose for the change?

Your business should have specific goals in mind before you start the logo redesign process. Is the current logo effectively reaching your target audience? Does your brand feel out of date? The worst thing you can do is change just for the sake of change.

One recent example where not having a clear goal in mind hurt the impact of the redesign was the Cleveland Browns. If you’re not a football fan, the Browns are a historically bad team and can use all the upgrades they can get on and off the field. (To be fair, I’m a Lions fan so I feel for you Cleveland) But seriously, a solid brand upgrade is something that could have really stirred the fan base.

Instead, the big logo reveal really didn’t reveal anything.

I understand the desire to not completely stray from the old brand but the Browns missed a great opportunity to create a new identity for themselves and honestly may have been better off not touching it at all.

The whole point of a logo redesign is that the organization wants a new emotion to be portrayed when the logo is viewed. If you haven’t changed the way people feel when they look at the logo, why did you redesign it?

2. Keep your audience in mind

Take some time to analyze not only your company but your audience. Your redesign needs to reflect what makes your company tick but should also keep in mind your customers and their expectations.

3. Look at the past

Most people think a whole new look is what's needed when updating a logo. But many brands are able to move on from an old, outdated logo by simply refreshing the current one.

A great example of this is the new Pizza Hut logo. They were able to keep much of their previous logo’s elements while updating it in a refreshing modern way.

4. Make it scalable

Your logo is most likely going to be used across multiple platforms and in various sizes. You want your logo to look great whether it’s on a business card or a billboard. One of the easiest ways to ensure your logo will be scalable is by keeping it as simple as possible.

5. Keep it simple

As a designer, one of my biggest pet peeves is overcomplicating a design. When it comes to logo design especially, more doesn’t always mean better.

TGI Friday’s recent logo redesign did an excellent job of first, maintaining some of the look and feel of the previous logo, and secondly, simplifying the logo so that it’s much more modern and legible.

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Matt Simon